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        Shenzhen Touch Think Intelligence Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, is the leading professional display field solutions provider. The company has a professional R & D team, self-defined port compatibility design, can provide professional, intelligent, customized design services according to customer requirements. Company adhering to the idea of steady development, continuous innovation, win-win cooperation in the development, independent design and development of industrial display equipment, industrial Tablet PC, embedded computers, industrial control boards and other industrial intelligent automation, Internet applications, interactive digital systems, Data collection and control, medical equipment, transportation orbit as the core areas of the strength of service providers, to provide hundreds of well-known enterprises at domestic and abroad the professional products, services and solutions. With thousands of OEM / ODM hardware services case, the success of industrial automation, Internet applications, industrial 4.0 areas of enterprise solutions to industrial computer products technology program. Touch Think Intelligence continuously improves the level of customized services,solutions that provide customers with unique customized requirements.And provide customers with greater value!

        Touch Think Intelligence Co., Ltd. won the majority of customers support and trust since its inception.Touch Think Intelligence will continue with the high purpose as a guide and more excellent brand touched China's automation construction to a new level, the establishment of industrial intelligent display of national brand! In the future development, Touch Think Intelligence will continue to adhering the professional ability of technology research and solutions for the community to provide better quality industrial equipment for the majority of enterprises. And also exerts the power and influence of Touch Think Intelligence, leading the industrial equipment industry to a new glory!

        Screen Customization

        High-light screen: default 400cd/㎡,can customize ≤1500cd/㎡

        Photosensitive head: Customize the screen brightness automatically based on ambient light

        All perspective: standard 160°,178°WVA customized.

        Touch screen: Industrial Monitor,Resistive touch screen,Capacitive touch screen,IR touch screen

        High resolution screen: customize higher resolution than standard LCD screen

        Screen size: support to customized screen

        Others: explosion-proof,Anti glare,dust-proof,waterproof,electromagnetic screen


        Other Customization

        Appearance customization: support appearance design,sample customization.

        Working temperature: standard -10-60,can customize -30℃-80℃

        LOGO customization,OEM/ODM

        System software customization: Compatible with all software requirements

        I/O ports customization: support adding more according to demands.

        Configure customization: CPU chosen,RAM,SSD according to your demands.

        Wide voltage: 12v-24v

        Special materials: for special occasions

        IP grade: can be customized fully - sealed dustproof waterproof


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        Contact Us
        • Tel: +86 755 23778483ext. 603
        • Fax: +86 755 6664 2257 ext. 811
        • E-mail: touchtec@sztouchtec.com
        • Add: No.201-3, the fourth building, Xinjianxing industrial park, Yangguang second road, Nanshan district, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China
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