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        Industrial Capacitive Touch Screen Display Flat Panel 10.4"

        Size: 10.4

        Touch Think 4th generation of industrial-grade monitor with newest industrial aesthetic design, more upgrade multiple protection system.

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        Industrial Capacitive Touch Screen Display Flat Panel 10.4"

        This is the newest 4th generation industrial monitor from Touch Think company, LED backlight display and 

        equipped with A, A+ perfect screen. IP65 rated water proof and dust-proof for front panel. 

        The industrial display adopts capacitive or resistive touchscreen with 300 nits standard brightness, support 

        customize to maximum 1500cd/m2. Expansion upgrade: stronger compatibility for system, multi-functional 

        software expansion

        Industrial Capacitive Touch Screen Display

        Touch Think Industrial Grade Touch Monitor Features

        1. New appearance upgrade

        Thin narrow bezel: exquisite crafe aesthetic design, narrow frame with rounded corners, back key panel, 

        exquisite arc side, waterproof horn hole, impact resistant panel.

        2. Full flat IP65 dust-proof and waterproof design

        The industrial display is designed with seamless flat panel, which can effectively prevent water droplets 

        and dust from permeating into the inner structure,  and prolong the service life of the industrial monitor.

        3. Fanless cooling system, mute running heat-dissipation

        Fully enclosed for whole machine, offer fanless cooling system design, no noise running for long time.

        4. Back button panel, easy debugging

        The industrial touch display monitor supports VGA+HDMI+DVI automatic identification signal channel.

        5. Self-developed display drive board

        The self-developed display drive board with anti-surge, anti-static, anti-vibration, anti-interference, anti-

        overvoltage, flame-proof, explosion-proof, moisture-proof.

        6. Meet the voltage requirements of industrial products

        All Touch Think series industrial grade monitors adopt imported power management chip design, wide 

        voltage reaches 12-24V.

        7. Long standby time and stable performance

        Original professional hardware, support 7*24h long-time running without interruption.

        8. Demanding improvements for better experience for users

        For all aspects of industrial touch screen monitor, customers will get better using experience. Support 

        anti-jamming up to EMC/EMI standard; Shock-proof is compliance with standarded GB2423. Pure flat 

        panel with better touching. Any position click  will get quick respond and no drift. Extreme high and low 

        temperature resistant, the industrial monitor can perform perfect under any harsh environments.

        Touch Think Industrial Monitor Display

        Industrial Capacitive Monitor

        Industrial Capacitive Touch Monitor Interfaces Display

        Touch Think also support kinds of OEM/ODM customization services for industrial display's interfaces.

        Industrial Capacitive Monitor

        Touch Think Industrial Monitors Application

        The 4th generation of Touch Think industrial monitor support high brightness of screen,and sunlight read-

        able for kinds of indoor and outdoor devices, such as self-service equipments, industrial on-site control, AI,

        express cabinet, ATM system, medical industrial, security field, etc.

        Industrial flat panel display

        FAQ of Industrial Monitor:

        1. What is the difference between LCD and LCM?

        -  LCD: Liquid Crystal Display LCD; LCM: Liquid Crystal Module LCD module (including components).

        2. What happens when the working temperature is lower than the working temperature specified by indus-

        trial LCD monitor ?

        -  The response time is slow, the contrast is affected, the service life of the cold cathode backlight tube is 

        sharply shortened, and the backlight may not be lit.

        3. What happens when the working temperature is higher than the working temperature specified by indus-

        trial LCD monitor ?

        -  The response time of display screen is shortened and the contrast is affected. Some IC's noise will in-

        crease, DC-DC conversion will drift, polarizer will be affected.

        4. Is the front surface of industrial LCD monitor screen vulnerable to scratch?

        -  The hardness of the front surface of LCD screen is generally 3H, which is very easy to be scratched by 

        sharp tools.

        Screen parametersScreen size10.4 inch
        Proportion4:3 square size screen
        Gray-scale response time5ms
        Panel Type IndustrialControl A style TFT
        Point distance


        Backlight type LED, use length≥50000h
        Display color


        Visual angle160/160 (Customizable 178° full view angle)
        Brightness 300cd/m2 (customizable high brightness)
        Touch typeResistive / capacitive / infrared touch screen 
        Number of touches≥ 50 million times
        Other parametersPower Supply4A External Power Adapter
        Power Performance100-240V, 50-60HZ
        Input voltage12-24V
        Anti-staticcontact 4KV-air 8KV (can be customized ≥16KV)
        Power ≤48W
        Anti-vibrationGB2423 standard
        Anti-interference EMC|EMI anti-electromagnetic interference
        Dustproof and waterprooffront panel IP65 dustproof and waterproof
        Housing MaterialBlack/Silver, Aluminum Alloy
        Installation methodEmbedded, desktop, wall-mounted, cantilever
        Ambient temperature<80%, non-condensable
        Working temperature-10°C~60°C (customizable -30°C~80°C)
        Language menuChinese, English, German, French, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Russian
        O/I interface parametersSignal Interface DVI, HDMI, VGA
        Power connectorDC with ring attachment (optional DC terminal block)
        Touch interfaceUSB
        Other interfacesAudio input and output

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