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        Android Touchscreen Wall Tablet Panel PC for Industrial Control 12"

        Size: 12

        Touch Think industrial touch screen panel PC computers produced for HMI require affordable, faster, reliable performance and functionality of machine-level interface used in Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), building automation, HVAC control, access control, room reservation.

        Product Color

        • 8”

        • 10.1”

        • 10.4”

        • 11.6”

        • 12”

        • 15”

        • 15.6”

        • 17”

        • 17.3”

        • 19”

        • 19.1”

        • 21.5”

        8 inch android panel pc

        10.1 inch android tablet pc

        10.4 inch android panel pc

        11.6 inch android tablet pc

        12 inch android tablet pc

        15 inch android tablet pc

        15.6 inch android tablet pc

        17 inch android tablet pc

        17.3 inch android tablet pc

        19 inch android tablet pc

        19.1 inch android tablet pc

        21.5 inch android tablet pc

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        • Product parameters
        • Application
        • OEM/ODM

        Android Touchscreen Wall Tablet Panel PC for Industrial Control

        Touch Think industrial Android panel PC, touch screen panel and comfort control panels for HMI, with 

        independent R&D and cost-control department, these industrial tablet PCs are low-cost, reliable and 

        stable performance, which applied to industrial automation control, PLC system, Internet of Things 

        (IoT), smart building automation, smart education, HVAC control, access control, check-in systems, 

        visitor authorization, room reservation, room scheduling, interactive security systems, interactive pa-

        tient room information displays, as well as interactive scheduling systems in hotels, campus, govern-

        ment and hospitals. And these Android all-in-one panel PCs support PoE technology features a sys-

        tem that safely transfers electrical power, along with data, to remote devices over standard category 

        5 cable in an Ethernet network. It does not require modification of existing Ethernet cabling infrastruc-

        ture, so deployment is simplified. The panel PC support kinds of customization service on terms of 

        functional modules, screen sizes, installation methods, etc.

        Display of Touch Think Industrial Android All-in-one Panel PC

        Rugged Android Industrial Tablets 12 inch

        Touch Think All-in-one Android PC Features 

        1. The industrial Android panel PC is designed to full flat seamless front panel, easy to maintain, more 

            suitable for embedded installation.

        2. IP65 rated water-proof and dust-proof, effectively withstanding the infiltration of dust and water vapor.

        3. Aluminum alloy shell is strong antioxidant, high hardness for the screen, 7H level, which enhanced 

            protection performance for screen.

        4. Shock-proof, high and low temperature resistance, working temperature range up to - 20 ~70°C.

        5. The rear cover of panel PC designed with a circular arc structure, high heat-dissipation.

        6. Anti-EMI: it meets EMI/EMC standard, performs perfect in harsh condition.

        7. Reserved dustproof&waterproof horn hole: the horn adopts to technology of industrial sound transmision 

            material, it also support dust-proof and waterproof.

        8. External key adjustment function: built-in button for adjustment of screen brightness, it reduced complex 

            and tedious operation.

        9. Low power consumption due to advanced heating-dissipation features.

        10. Low calorific value: The self-developed motherboard has very small calorific value, and the temperature 

              of the motherboard is generally normal temperature, the industrial all-in-one PC support long-time stable 

              running for the whole year.

        11. Android industrial touch screen all-in-one boot-up time is short, generally only a few seconds.

        12. Excellent performance in terms of video multimedia, data communication and other aspects.

        13. Android industrial all-in-one tablet PC applied to complex environment, it support plug-and-play function. 

             Industrial-grade motherboards are generally not affected by the environment, the lowest temperature can 

             be - 20 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature can be about 70 degrees Celsius.

        14. The Android all-in-one PC support multi-type of installation methods in different application.

        Application of Touch Think Industrial Android Panel PC

        Android Touchscreen Wall Tablet Poe Panel PC for Industrial Control 12"

        Screen ParameterScreen Size12 inch
        Type TPC120-A41
        Aspect Ratio4:3 square size screen
        Motherboard ParameterCPUDefault with A64 Cortex-A53 Quad-Core 64 Bits 1.5GHz (RK3399 Cortex-A9 Quad-Core 1.6GHz, or RK3288 Cortex-A17 Quad-Core 1.8GHz optional ) 
        Hard disk8G EMMC ( 4G/16G/32G/64G optional )
        RAM 2GB DDR3 ( 4G/8G optional )
        Operating SystemAndroid 6.0 ( Android 5.1/7.0 optional )
        Decoding ResolutionSupport 1080P
        Play ModeSupport timing, circulation, and broadcast mode
        Network format3G, 4G, Ethernet, support wifi, Wireless peripherals
        Picture formatSupport BMP、JPEG、PNG、GIF
        RTCSupport(The mixed cell)
        Ports ParameterUSB portUSB2.0(OTG)*1,USB2.0(HOST)*1
        COM port8"-10.4":COM*1,other size:COM*2,Default RS232 protocols,can do 422/485 protocols
        WIFI port WIFI antenna*1
        Power port DC 12V*1
        HDMI portHDMI*1
        Card slot SIM card slot*1,TF card slot*1
        Lan port RJ-45*1
        Audio portAudio I/O
        Support extendedMultiple industry interfaces support customization
        LCD screen ParameterColor16.7M
        Dot pitch 0.264mm
        TFT  Industrial A standard screen  TFT panel
        Luminance400cd/m2(High brightness can be customized above 400cd/m2)
        Visual Angel(H160(V)160,Customizable WVA 178°
        Backlight LED backlight life≥50000h
        Response time5ms
        Touch optionCapacitive/Mouse Control
        Installation waysEmbedded、Desktop、Wall mount、Cantilever type
        OthersPower adapter 12V-5A Professional external power adapter
        Power Dissipation ≤24W
        Operation Temperature-10℃~60℃
        Storage Temperature -20℃~60℃
        Relative Humidity  0%-65%(non-condensing)
        MaterialFull aluminum alloy metal material
        Warranty PolicyThe whole machine is guaranteed free for one year
        IP gradeIP65 for the front bezel
        Packing listIndustrial Android Panel PC/install fittings/Power Cable/Power Adapter/Driver CD/Instruction Book/Warranty Card

        12-inch industrial Android panel PC

        12-inch industrial Android panel PC

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