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        Industrial All In One PC Used In Optical Vacuum Coating Machine

        Sep. 12, 2019

        This equipment is specially designed for the production of precise optical thin film devices. Each system unit and overall structure satisfies the requirements of optical thin film production process well. It is suitable for precise optical components. High precision optical communication products are coated with optical thin films: electrical thin film, metal thin film, laser thin film, cold light thin film, spectroscopic thin film, antireflective thin film, and various kinds. Antireflective film, through film and cut-off film are coated on filters, glass sheets and plastic (resin) parts. High precision film thickness control system, excellent performance electron gun, highly automated coating control system, etc., are ideal plating equipment for high precision optical thin films.


        Touch Think industrial  touchscreen all in one panel PC used in customer's optical vacuum coating machines, providing high definition image and pictures quality, multi-point capacitive touch screen or five-wire resistive touch screens are available.

        Industrial All In One PC Used In Optical Vacuum Coating Machine  Industrial All In One PC Used In Optical Vacuum Coating Machine

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