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        Industrial Panel PC In Electronic Dough Stretcher

        Jan. 14, 2020

        Dough stretcher is a special equipment for testing the extensibility of wheat flour.


        Scope of application:

        The equipment is mainly used in the quality monitoring center of grain and oil , grain storage workstation, flour processing enterprise, food processing enterprise, scientific research centers,. etc.


        Working principle

        Under the specified conditions, wheat flour, water and salt were prepared into dough by Farinograph. 150g dough was separated and kneaded by the stretcher's kneader. Then it was made into the standard shape by the shaper's kneading strip.


        After a certain period of time, the test dough is stretched until it breaks and the required tensile resistance is recorded by the program. The shape and size of the curves obtained can be used to characterize the physical properties of wheat flour dough that affect the baking quality.


        Advanced technology features 

        (1) Drawer type Fermentation box, with spring and oil damping guide rail, gently and smoothly for opening.


        (2) The closed arc shape has functions of dust-proof and heat preservation, and the appearance design is beautiful.


        (3) Support display 5 groups stretch curve at the same time for accurate comparison.


        (4) The results are stored in the format of access database, which is convenient for access.


        (5) The electronic sensor measures the stretch resistance, accurately and reliably.


        (6) Automatic calibration of the program, automatic starting of drawing.


        (7) Data collection and analysis are realized by the Touch Think industrial computer with Android OS and desktop installation, simple and efficient.

        Industroal Panel PC In Electronic Dough Stretcher

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