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        Industrial Mini PC Fanless Box PC

        Size: 200*189*59mm

        This reliable, durable mini PC is designed with industrial grade components for 7/24 reliable operation under harsh conditions, such as CNC machines, cutting machines, manufacturing facilities, warehouse floors and outdoor commercial terminal devices.

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        Industrial Mini PC Fanless Box PC

        An industrial mini PC is a computer intended for industrial purposes. Fanless PC have higher dependability and stability than consumer computers. They often equip with complex instruction sets, such as X86.

        Industrial Mini PC Fanless Box PC

        Fanless Pc Design

        Industrial fanless pc

        Touch Think Industrial Fanless Pc Features

        Precise manufacturing, ingenious craftsmanship, compact and portable

        1. Small-sized mini fanless PC with lower power consumption is better than desktop industrial computer, 

        and possess other advantages such as light weight, small footprint. 

        2. The whole shell of industrial mini PC adopts aluminium alloy material, and with the wire drawing process, the mini PC looks like more elegant. Besides, the surface of mini PC is covered with Oxidation Film, which has corrosion resistance and certain insulation.

        fanless pc

        3. Strong Environmental Adaptability

        Due to the harsh industrial environment, the industrial mini-computer is required to have strong environmental adaptability. For example, it should performance perfectly under different and changing temperatures and humidity ranges. What's more, fanless PC should satisfy the level of dust-proof, anti-corrosion, and anti-vibration. Also, with good electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference ability.

              Embedded PC

            industrial micro pc

        4. Stable running under continuous high loads

        Touch Think industrial fanless PC with high stability, it normally used in long-time production control in automation industry, we highly Focus the performance stability and ensure the mini PC can perform perfect during process of production.


        Embedded Computer

        5. Industrial Fanless PC work efficiently, run smoothly.

        Industrial Mini PC Fanless Box PC

        6. Fanless PC Heat-dissipation design

        Circulating heat dissipation system: The surface of industrial mini PC is designed with striped and gridded,  closed integral forming, no heat dissipation hole in the whole machine, ensure external air circulation and improve heat dissipation efficiency.

        No noise: Fanless mini PC runs without noise, improve customers’ operation experience.

        Industrial box PC

        Fanless Pc Installation:

        Support variety of installation methods, such as wall-mounted, desktop, embedded mount, it can be fixed on wall or desk, which is space-saving and easy to install.

        Mini fanless box PC

        Hardware ConfigurationCPUCeleron J1900
        Hard disk32G SSD by default
        Inner Memory2G DDR3 (8G DDR3 optional)
        Display ChipMali400MP2 dual core
        Operating SystemWin7/8/10; Linux
        Graphics CardIntel HD Graphics
        3G/4G Module


        WIFIDual frequency 2.4/5G
        Bluetooth and GPSAvailable


        RTC real time clockAvailable
        Wake on LANAvailable
        Interface ParametersUSB interfaceUSB2.0*5 + USB3.0*1
        Serial portsTwo-channel 232 serial ports, 422/485 optional
        WIFI connectorWIFI antenna *1
        Power interfaceDC 12V*1
        HD interfaceHDMI*1
        Expansion displayVGA*1
        NIC interfaceRJ-45*1
        Audio interfaceAudio I/O
        I/O expansionAvailable
        Other ParametersWorking temperature-20°C ~ 65°C
        Storage temperature-40°C ~ 80°C
        Ambient humidity20% - 95% (relative humidity non condensing)

        Fanless industrial mini PC for a particular type of application, based on computer technology, provides software and hardware integration platform, suitable for applications which requiring higher reliability, cost-effective and power consumption. Fanless industrial mini PC has been widely used in network, communications, power, ticket vending machine, rail transit, self-service terminals, medical equipment, vehicle equipment, industrial automation, machine vision, industrial robots and other industries.


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